Ventury Engineering

Quality is by design. Not by chance. In the last 18 years, delivered over 13 million quality products as per Six Sigma standards on time.

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About Ventury Engineering

Ventury Engineering Private Limited is a contract manufacturing company in existence since 2001. In these 18 years Ventury Engineering has manufactured parts using injection moulding which need high degree of precision and has also assembled small parts using minute components. Over these 18 years Ventury Engineering has produced (manufactured and assembled) nearly 13+ million parts and shipped to The United States of America. All of this has been achieved through the highest level of Six Sigma quality standard.

Inspired by Italian Physicist Giovanni Battista VenturiVentury Engineering Private Limited has produced Six Sigma quality standard parts for the last 18 years. Ventury Engineering strives to be a global outsource manufacturing unit which is why it has evolved over these 18 years to meet with the changing requirements of it’s customers.

Three alphabets of the English language – ‘PQR’ summarizes the reasons for success behind this Six Sigma quality performance by Ventury Engineering.

  • P is people orientation and people development – Since the attrition of employees at Ventury Engineering is less than 1% over these 18 years. 80% of the workforce is women and they find it safe, healthy and convenient as a workplace to work every morning without fail.

  • Q is Quality – Quality is a philosophy at Ventury Engineering and it is considered as obsession. Quality is inspected at different stages instead of only the final delivery time. This ensures that any rectification if required is rectified at the correct time for ensuring the quality as desired by the customer.
  • R is Relationship – Relationship is the essence of business. The main customer of Ventury Engineering in USA has been importing parts from Ventury Engineering for the past 18 years. As a contract manufacturing company there cannot be a bigger testimony towards customer satisfaction and Ventury Engineering’s ability to deliver with change in requirement of the customer because of which the customer continues to buy from Ventury. Employees do not quit Ventury Engineering and this serves as an indication to the relation that Ventury Engineering has created with it’s team members through transparent human resource policies, well structured reward and recognition programmes, employee engagement so that workplace becomes enjoyable and support employee’s family members as and when required for either medical or educational purposes.

The moto which drives Ventury Engineering is “THINK LIKE A CUSTOMER.” At Ventury Engineering the team believes that if one can think like a customer then one can empathize with the customer and therefore Ventury Engineering has been able to deliver over the 18 years as per the desired quality and compelling and globally competitive prices and strict delivery deadlines.

“Ventury Engineering Private Limited is a Kolkata based company delivering quality service as per six sigma standards for the last 18 years.”


“80% of our workforce is trained women working in a safe and secure environment which makes them feel as a home out of home.”

Ventury Engineering is now embarking on an ambitious plan to engage with larger number of customers in India and abroad. The Mission and Vision of the company has been articulated as per this goal and strategy.


To become one of the most reliable contract manufacturer in the global sphere for precision, plastic moulding and assembly of parts.


To become a preferred quality supplier for outsourcing of injection moulding parts and assembling of small parts by producing on time with six-sigma quality standards at compelling prices.