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Quality is by design. Not by chance. In the last 18 years, delivered over 13 million quality products as per Six Sigma standards on time.

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Small Part & Precision Assembly

The smallest item used in high precision assembly at Ventury Engineering weighs 0.63 gms. Such small high precision parts need deft handling which is done by the all women team of assemblers at Ventury Engineering. Over the last 18 years this team has assembled and produced 13+ million final products which have been supplied as per required standards of the International buyers.

The advantage of human assembly is that it can be customised as required at minimal notice or expense as compared to machines. This makes the necessity of human labour an important as well as irreplaceable part of every assembly based manufacturing process. India has the advantage of demographic dividend to ensure that the cost of engaging human labour for assembling purpose is the most competitive globally.

The price competitiveness of Indians originates from their inherent ability at handi-work. Generations of women, especially, throughout the ages have been trained from a tender age in to make use of their hands in skilful work requiring precision. Hand-woven sarees are, for example, in demand, all over the world. Ventury hones this inherent skill of the workers and trains them to assemble injector valves with parts as small as 0.63gms which makes assembly of any product possible regardless of its size. Ventury Engineering as a contract manufacturing company makes these parts on behalf of their customers to reduce the logistics cost ensuring ease of operation.

Ventury Engineering functions as a partner to the buying organisation and provides a manufacturing warranty against any manufacturing defect. Ventury Engineering also has earned the confidence of it’s client partners by ensuring complete confidentiality regarding the design, manufacturing process, pricing and end use of the finished product supplied to different buyers who outsource their requirements from Ventury Engineering.
During this journey of nearly two decades, Ventury Engineering takes pride to declare that it has to met the delivery timelines in case of 99.99% of committed delivery schedules.
The super-efficient all women team at Ventury Engineering ensure that Ventury Engineering can deliver precision assembly service at globally competitive prices due to their high level of productivity and minimum rejection due to quality assurance principles deployed at Ventury Engineering.