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Quality is by design. Not by chance. In the last 18 years, delivered over 13 million quality products as per Six Sigma standards on time.

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Injection Moulding

Manufacturing high precision items using injection moulding methodology was a backward integration by Ventury Engineering for reducing the overall manufacturing cost of the biggest customer based in USA. In order to manufacture high precision items as per Six Sigma quality standards Ventury Engineering invested in manufacturing parts on behalf of our customers reduces freight cost giving Current capacity of Ventury Engineering is 50,000 pieces per day. Keeping in mind the ambitious growth plan this capacity is enhanced by 10 times in two phases. Manufacturing and assembly under the same roof gives Ventury Engineering a definite edge to supply finished products at globally competitive cost. The injection moulding machine which has produced over 6 tonnes of plastic parts since 2011 has a capacity of 50 tonne making it ideal for moulding parts which are of low weight.

On-Line Quality Check

At Ventury Engineering Six Sigma Quality standards is the minimum acceptable standard of quality. The governing principle in achieving Six Sigma quality levels is inspection at predefined stages of manufacturing so that corrective measures can be initiated as soon as any deviation is noticed. Since Ventury Engineering is manufacturing high precision Injection Moulding parts, this process ensures that rejection due to manufacturing defects is minimized.


The key to quality at a consistent level is avoiding mistakes of the past. Documentation like SCAR and CMR at every stage in Ventury Engineering ensures that mistakes are never repeated and manufacturing is process dependent rather that individual dependent. Historical data analysis of different stages of manufacturing every six months helps the senior management at Ventury Engineering to identify trends and initiate proactive corrective measures as and where required.