Ventury Engineering

Quality is by design. Not by chance. In the last 18 years, delivered over 13 million quality products as per Six Sigma standards on time.

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The success of Ventury Engineering over these two decades is to a large extent due to a committed, cohesive and competent team. During its 18 years of existence only 3 employees have quit Ventury Engineering for other options.

Assembly of small parts require extremely skilful handwork. Indian women are known for their abilities to do fine and accurate work very effectively using their hands. Therefore, 80% of the team members at Ventury Engineering are women.

The rapidly changing business and customer requirement demands continuous upgradation of skills and competencies. Training during induction and at regular intervals has ensured that productivity and quality consciousness of each and every member of the team is enhanced continuously.

Six Sigma quality standards have been achieved due to the ruthless implementation of the “Internal Customer” Principle. Any department can reject the input that it receives as a part of the manufacturing assembly line if the quality is not as per desired standards. This ensures that corrective measures or rectification take place at any stage as maybe required during the entire manufacturing process.

Lastly, the organisation structure along with roles, responsibilities, authority and reporting relationships is clearly defined so that decision making is decentralised and prompt. This empowerment of the team members leads to a higher productivity and quality consciousness.