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At Ventury Engineering we monitor key performance indicators related to quality, delivery times, cost-effectiveness, and adaptability. Using these KPIs to drive improvements and assess alignment with your company’s goals. The success of relationship depends on a strategic, collaborative, and adaptable approach. Regular communication, transparency, and a commitment to quality.

We create specific quality metrics and key performance indicators to measure and track the quality of products. We ensure that all manufacturing processes are validated and meet the specified quality standards. Ensuring that our company aligns with your company’s best practices is essential to maintaining a successful and productive business partnership. This alignment is crucial for achieving high-quality products, establishing a reliable supply chain, and implementing strong quality control systems.

Our involvement in the quality process ensures that the customer specifications are rigorously adhered to, and the customer has less supply chain risk.

We believe quality is by design and not by chance. Quality in Ventury is not in the sole management of a few people, but the responsibility of each and everybody of the organisation. Everyone understands that our survival is dependent on quality. Below is a flowchart showing a summary of the quality program.